The Natural Healing Powers of Cannabis

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The cannabis plant has been utilised in traditional medicines from around the world for centuries. The benefits are many, from calming the mind to soothing the body with its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and deeply soothing properties. Journey with Anantara Spa and explore a whole new world of healing.


Soak in a bath filled with cannabis salts and feel stress melt away. An oil massage follows, scented with your choice of cannabis-lavender or cannabis-rice milk to relax from within and beautify from without as your skin is restored and renewed. Return home to the deepest of sleep as your body and mind find peace.

Cannabis Foot Ritual – Cannabis Bath – Cannabis Body Massage – Cannabis & Floral Tea


End a tiring day of work or exercising with head-to-toe relaxation. Your journey begins with an energising foot scrub to reduce any swelling. Breathe in the scent of coconut oil as your scalp is massaged and you switch off and transcend to the tropics. A foot massage with cannabis balm follows to relieve deeper pains and repair dry skin.

Cannabis Foot Ritual – Scalp Massage – Cannabis Foot Massage – Cannabis & Floral Tea


For those suffering from office syndrome or back and neck pain discover the healing powers of cannabis in essential oil and herbal form. A full-body massage induces deep relaxation,increasing blood flow and detoxification. A warm herbal compress then releases any build-ups of tension along the spine.

Cannabis Foot Ritual – Cannabis Herbal Compress Massage – Cannabis & Floral Tea

Applicable until 31 March 2022 except on public holidays, festive holidays, Chinese New Year 2022, and Valentine's Day